nano-micro stent coating

Novel solutions for coatings and surface modification in the nano-micro range

ioos provides various products for applying drug-eluting polymeric coatings to medical implants, which are used in critical production processes by biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Our coating technology that not only addresses problems of conventional coating processes, but provides also unique features that assist in the development of new-generation products.

The nd-film spray coating process addresses the problem of defects and solvent residues in the production of coated medical implants by enhancing coating integrity and reproducibility. Click here here for further information on the nd-film coating technology and process.
ioos' texsel technology allows for fine-tuning surface properties of a coating. Learn more on texsel textured coatings for medical devices.

surface modification hydrophobicity With ioos' scaffold-on-device technology a new generation of medical devices can be produced. More..