nano-micro stent coating

Tutela biomimetic scaffolds for covering medical devices

The tutela scaffold technology has been developed to promote morphological similarities to natural structures. The scaffolds are composed of a myriad of discrete ligaments having a defined size and comprise evenly distributed nano-micron sized surface features. The non-woven coverings are fabricated in various shapes for a wide range of applications.

tutela applications

Flat structures: Cell seeding, wound dressing, and wound healing
Tubular structures: Blood vessel, small diameter vascular graft engineering
Scaffold-on-device: Covering medical devices for optimized interaction with the surrounding tissue and/or to improve drug delivery.

tutela features

+ Biomimicity through surface features at the nano-micro scale
+ Good membrane integrity and substrate adhesion
+ Homogeneous structure
+ Tunable porosity and rigidity

tutela membranes and scaffolds to fabricate covered medical devices

tutela materials

Medical grade materials ranging from natural and bioresorbable to non-degradable polymers, which may be loaded with active agents, can be processed. The material engineering process is suitable for heat-sensitive substances.