nano-micro stent coating

Texsel biomimetic nano-micro coatings with custom surface features

texsel biomimetic coatings have a textured appearance with nano-micron sized surface features. The coatings have been developed to promote morphological similarities to natural structures and to increase the surface area of the coating. texsel coatings can be manufactured using ioos' patented Nano Speray Machines with Controlled Particle Trajectory (CPT ) technology.

texsel applications

Fabrication of coatings having determined surface properties in terms of wettability and surface area to accommodate the needs for a specific application.

texsel features

+ Fabrication of drug-eluting matrices for combination devices
+ Biomimicity for enhanced healing
+ Customized surface features in the nano-micro meter range
+ Three-dimensional structure with increased surface area

texsel nano-micro coatings

texsel materials

Medical grade materials ranging from natural and non-degradable to bioresorbable polymers, which can be loaded with active agents, can be processed. The coating service is suitable for heat-sensitive substances.