nano-micro stent coating

Create a new product or improve it using ioos' spray coating technology

Nano-Micro Structured Coatings

Our innovative equipment and processes enable us to produce nano-micro textured structures, which are , i.e., suited for life science applications such as biomimetic coatings with bacteria repellent properties.
The company's unique patented nano-micro spraying  and coating equipment and process feature not only a consistent atomization of a variety of materials that are difficult to atomize, but also improved control of solvent evaporation and coating morphology.
In addition, cloth-like films (tutela) having nano-micro sized surface features are fabricated to cover medical devices or to be used in tissue engineering.
The nano-micro coatings and materials are customized for drug-delivery applications by fabricating porous coatings that can be loaded with a therapeutic agents such as Anti microbial peptides (AMP's).

Spray Process Analytical Technology

ioos is a pioneer in using spray diagnostic systems as Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool in critical production environments, such as medical implant coating processes. The new generation Spray Error Diagnostic SED systems feature a novel spray quality control methodology and metrics providing improved expressiveness and objectivity of measurement results compared to conventional systems. It gives a new insight in various spraying applications, i.e., atomization processes are better understood and otherwise invisible atomizer defects and process changes are detected.