nano-micro stent coating

Nd-film coating service for homogeneous and reproducible thin films

ioos' thin-layer coatings are applied using our CPT (Controlled Particle Trajectory) technology that is particularly suited for flat and tubular substrates. The coating can be tailored to exhibit antimicrobial properties and/or release active agents. nd-film coatings are manufactured using ioos' patented Nano Spray Coating Machines equipped with tge latest Spray Process Analytical Technology.

nd-film applications

Coating of a wide range of substrates including biomedical scaffolds, medical stents, distal protection devices, contact lenses, venous filters, and venous/aortic grafts.

nd-film advantages

+ Enhanced coating biocompatibility by minimizing potentially toxic solvents
+ Fine-tuning of surface properties
+ Homogeneous coating thickness on complex structures
+ Good coating integrity on inner and outer surface of complex structures
+ Process stability and efficiency for superior coating quality and weight consistency

ioos micro coatings

nd-film materials

Medical grade materials ranging from natural and bioresorbable to non-degradable polymers, which can be loaded with active agents can be processed. The coating process is suitable for heat-sensitive substances.